HotSpot Printing


Print on the fly using any Smartphone or internet-enabled device, with Ricoh HotSpot Printing

Ricoh HotSpot Printing offers a simple solution to the ongoing issue of printing away from your office.

Now you can offer the freedom for anyone to print from anywhere at any time. Ricoh HotSpot Printing lets you easily print documents, emails and web content from internet-enabled laptops, mobile phones and handheld devices without downloading drivers or installing additional software.

How? Ricoh HotSpot Printing is available on a number of Ricoh printers and MFDs.

Ultimate convenience

  • Give business travellers a fast, convenient way to print on the go.
  • Offer trouble-free printing to mobile workers, onsite contractors or other guests.
  • Print securely in seconds. All you need is the Ricoh HotSpot Printer™ or MFD's email or web address - no need to install drivers or software.

Easy to use

  • Once installed and registered, all you need is internet access and the Ricoh HotSpot Printer™ or MFD is ready to use.
  • Simply forward any email messages and attachments you would like to print to the dedicated email address or visit the dedicated URL to upload your files.
  • A unique and secure code is sent via email to release the print job.

Maximum security

  • All print jobs are encrypted and transferred using 128-bit secure SSL communications.
  • All records are automatically deleted from the printer or MFD once printed.
  • Secure release code ensures only the person who submits the file has access to the prints.
  • Give access to network printers or MFDs without giving access to your network.

No drivers, no software - it's as easy as sending an email or visiting a webpage. That's all it takes to print your documents, emails, presentations or web content to a Ricoh HotSpot Printer™ or MFD.

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