Enhanced Locked Print NX & Card Authentication Package


In everyday business operations it is essential to have low costs while benefiting from high efficiency, productivity and most of all, security. Enhanced Locked Print NX (ELP NX) with the optional addition of Card Authentication Package (CAP) offers you all of this. This intelligent solution offers businesses total efficiency and cost benefits of flexible user access to multiple shared Ricoh devices.

Enhanced Locked Print NX

Document security using Enhanced Locked Print NX (ELP NX) is critical in protecting sensitive business information, which is essential for maintaining both a competitive edge and high productivity. ELP NX and optional CAP now come as either an embedded only solution or can have additional server components added. The server versions are ideal for larger fleets and also provide more flexibility in configuring the solution to meet specific requirements.

Transform your security. Reduce costs.

By not releasing print jobs until a user authenticates at the device, ELP NX increases cost savings by decreasing the amount of paper used unnecessarily, all while providing you with the utmost security.



Card Authentication Package


The Ricoh Card Authentication Package (CAP) and Enhanced Locked Print NX (ELP NX) combine to provide a secure method for controlling access to the printing of confidential documents. CAP integrates seamlessly with existing ID card security systems and utilises advanced card reading technology to control users’ access to print, copy, scan, fax and document server functions on Ricoh devices. Documents are held in a secure queue until they are safely unlocked for printing via the fast and secure ‘swipe-and-go’ ID Card Authentication.


  • Users authenticate with existing proximity cards for simplified access
  • Reduces costs by limiting access to print, copy, scan, fax and document server functions using ID cards
  • Prevents users from seeing other users’ print jobs in the queue. After ID Card Authentication, users choose from a list that shows only the jobs they sent
  • Simplifies the authentication method with fast and secure ‘swipe-and-go’ ID Card Authentication process
  • Integrates seamlessly and leverages your existing ID card security system


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