Remote fleet use reporting - @Remote

@Remote provides remote access to device utilisation data for your fleet of connected multifunction copiers and printers.

Major Applications

  • Eliminate manual meter reads and/or establish a DRM (Device Relationship Management) solution.
  • Targeted to installations with 5 or more networked multifunctionals and printers.

  • Automatic, accurate and timely meter reads and billing.
  • Usage reporting for the device fleet is accessible remotely from a secure website using a web browser.
  • Increased up-time and the ability to match device location to work load.
  • Ability to optimise for efficiency and cost reduction.

Using @Remote
  • A hardware appliance automatically transmits device usage data (including meter data) to the secure @Remote service.
  • Usage data for the fleet is automatically aggregated by the @Remote service and made available, through a secure web portal, as Fleet Utilisation reporting.
  • Reporting includes: Fleet Population, Utilisation, Trending, and other data and device drill downs (sample reports/screen shots).
  • @Remote collects print, copy, and fax output usage data.
  • Captures data daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Easily export aggregated device data to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis (Microsoft and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation).

Track your carbon footprint - @Remote Green Reports

 @Remote Green Reports make it easy to see whether yourprint fleet meets environmental and cost-saving expectations by tracking trends in energy and paper consumption over time, enabling you to make better decisions about sustainability practices.

  • Collect select environmental data from Ricoh networked printers and MFDs at multiple locations and securely transmits the information to a Ricoh data centre, where it is processed to create informative Green Reports.
  • Track a variety of environmental metrics related to how much energy and paper each managed Ricoh device consumes.
  • Enable users to track trends in energy and paper consumption over time, and make better decisions related to sustainability policies.
  • Set priorities for improving current environmental performance, raising existing benchmarks or complying with your applicable corporate standards.

Implementing this Solution
  • @Remote is a monthly service.
  • Setup and installation requires no IT personnel resources.
  • Auto-discovery of network devices.
  • A Remote Communication Gate is connected to network.
  • Linux-based desktop "PC" type appliance (1.5 lbs or less).
  • Each RC Gate supports up to 500 network devices.
  • Transmit data to @Remote service via HTTPS secure communication or email.
  • ISO 15408/Common Criteria Information Technology Security Certification recognised by NIAP.

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