Enhanced Locked Print


Enhanced Locked Print
Transform your printer into an electronic mailbox 

In today’s working environment shared printing devices are common place. Ensuring your printing is kept confidential can be difficult, but with Enhanced Locked Print (ELP) your print job is always ready for just you to collect.

It’s essentially using your multifunctional printer as an electronic mail box, where your documents wait securely until you are ready to collect them. Documents are released and printed by the user with a secure PIN number, or improve your efficiency further by adding a proximity ID card reader.

Multi-layered security

Store, manage and release confidential documents with the security of user ID and password authorisation at the MFP.

  • Hardcopy security – “Locked” documents can’t be released by another MFP user.
  • Individualised security – Only jobs related to a specific user ID and password are displayed on the LCD panel, so confidential documents will stay confidential.
  • Virtual security – Compressed, encrypted files remain securely held even if the hard drive reaches maximum capacity, the power is turned off, or the hard drive is stolen.

User-friendly and convenient

A simple interface gives you the ability to easily control printing, while administrators can monitor both users and document printing.

  • As-needed protection – Protect specific documents by selecting "Locked Print" from the print-driver menu.
  • Automatic security – Administrators can set “Locked Print” as the default organisation-wide document protection.
  • Secure document release – Enter your User ID and password at the MFP to release or delete documents, whether individually or as a batch.

Attractive cost savings

  • Minimal deployment costs – Embedded firmware means there is no external hardware or software to purchase or install.
  • Lower operational costs – You can consolidate your organisation’s printer fleet to shared MFPs without sacrificing the security of individual dedicated printers.
  • Capture cost savings – You’ll benefit from MFPs’ lower cost-per-copy. Plus, by consolidating your printer fleet, you’ll have fewer devices to purchase and maintain.

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