Monitor & manage network devices - SmartDeviceMonitor

Ricoh has developed SmartDeviceMonitor™, a flexible and easy-to-use utility to control networked Ricoh printers, facsimiles, scanners and MFPs.

SmartDeviceMonitor™ provides an efficient method of installing, monitoring and managing shared resources. Designed for both Clients and Administrators, SmartDeviceMonitor™ is certain to simplify the way network users handle their daily workflow.

Administrative Module

  • Network Interface Card Configuration (NIC Configuration) is an administrative module automatically installed as part of SmartDeviceMonitor™.
  • NIC Configuration installs and configures supported Ricoh network products onto the network and facilitates management of Ricoh-connected products by department, workgroup or peripheral capabilities.
  • Up to 100 groups can be created, edited or deleted easily.

System Status and Monitoring

  • Ability to track activities of all supported Ricoh peripherals connected to the network.
  • Network managers can identify the configuration of each device quickly and easily.
  • Monitor the status of toner levels in Ricoh printers and facsimile products, memory capacity of the document server and lists of jobs sent from any networked PC station.

Error Indication

  • Monitor the device for any errors that may occur.
  • All errors are displayed in an easy to understand graphical format that indicates the specific problem and how to resolve it.

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