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Ricoh Remote Fleet Management

Turn collected data into detailed device knowledge with Ricoh’s free Remote Fleet Management technology. With a range of innovative solution options that cover organisations from small to large, almost any business can benefit from Ricoh Remote Fleet Management. By accurately monitoring your network of multifunction devices (MFDs) and printers, your business could save time and money while reducing waste.

Ricoh Remote Fleet Management can provide tools to help with:

  •  Centralised device monitoring
  • Simplified and automated meter reads and billing
  • Automated toner ordering
  • Improved understanding of your print fleet for easier staff management
  • Understanding of your fleet through graphical reporting
  • Saving time and simplifying processes
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by knowing how your devices are being used
  • Understanding device usage to identify under and over utilised devices

To find out more about Ricoh Remote Fleet Management, download the brochure or contact us to speak to a Solutions Specialist.

System Smarts

With @remote, your Ricoh device is now able to streamline the toner ordering process, accurately predicting toner replacement needs and reducing the environmental impact of toner wastage.

How it works

Step 1: Your Ricoh device will transmit usage data back to us
Step 2: We will analyse the data and forecast when to send a replacement toner
Step 3: You will receive a replacement toner at least 7 days before you need it

What you need to do

To help maximise your device's productivity, we have compiled a short list of tips that can assist in prolonging your toner life and increasing efficiency.

  • If you have a spare set on hand, the system will know, so please use that first
  • Please use toner with the corresponding serial number to the device
  • Low toner light alert indicates toner is low, it does not mean the toner must be changed immediately
  • Ensure that your devices are properly connected to the network.
  • You can make a manual request if you have a big print run coming up, please call 13 RICOH

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our National Contact Centre on 13 RICOH with any questions.

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