PJ WX3231N


Main Features

  • Higher resolution brings added clarity and a wider projected image.
  • Requires less space than a piece of paper, stands only as tall as a standard ID card, and weighs less than 2kg – so it’s easy to transport from meeting to meeting. Use it on a desktop or in the corner of your client’s office – wherever you need it.
  • Keystone distortion is detected and fixed automatically – limiting set up time and getting your presentation up and ready with the best impact, quickly and easily.
  • Start-up time is just eight seconds from turning the power on, so your meeting and presentation can get started straight away. The shut down process is done by simply unplugging the device.
  • Limit access and ensure security of the device with password protection.
  • The 3-LCD system boasts excellent reproduction of more than 16 million colours for optimal clarity and brightness.

Extra features

  • Connect a USB memory drive and other USB-compliant devices such as a document camera, digital camera, or smartphone via the USB terminal port to display images saved on these devices.
  • Deliver computer-free presentations by saving MPEG1, MPEG2 and JPEG image and images to a USB memory drive for immediate access to presentations while on the go. The JPEG Conversion Utility tool allows for fast and easy conversion of PowerPoint files, graphic images, and screen captures to JPEG format for storage on a portable memory device.
  • Project four different images to four separate projectors from a single computer for an even larger projection.
  • Manage and monitor multiple projectors on the same network, such as changing their settings or turning the power off via a computer.
  • The Natural Colour Enhancer (NCE) differentiates between computer graphics and natural images, improving poor colour reproduction and producing vivid colours.
  • Keep your presentation smooth and seamless with remote control access offering ‘freeze’, ‘resize’, ‘mute’ and ‘mouse control’ buttons.
  • Simplify setup and troubleshooting with audio guidance support which announces key errors and status.
  • Receive automatic notification updates via email for lamp replacements and error messages.

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