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IntelliPrintTM Solutions

Make your printers more efficient with Ricoh’s IntelliPrint Solutions

IntelliPrint solutions offer numerous possibilities to modify and enhance your existing print processes, without having to negotiate the complicated applications that generate them. These solutions can assist you to:

  • Control and reduce expensive colour printing
  • Save money by eliminating pre-printed stationery
  • Optimise inhouse mailings and other processes with 1D and 2D barcode generation


Use your Ricoh laser printer to control colour usage

Use of colour in business documents is important; it adds impact and makes a statement. But it also increases costs, so sometimes you need to control it. IntelliColour can help reduce the costs associated with colour printing by recognising specific types of documents (such as an email) and reverting to printing in black and white. Suitable for production or office printing, it allows you to control colour by application or by user. IntelliColour is not server-based, and can be embedded directly into most of Ricoh’s laser printers. It’s also scalable, so you can use IntelliColour on 1 or all of your devices.


Use your Ricoh laser printer to produce automated forms

Now you can reduce or eradicate the cost of pre-printed stationery, while keeping a consistent corporate identity. IntelliForms replaces pre-printed forms whilst offering none of the limitations of traditional electronic forms solutions, many of which offer limited support for Microsoft Windows applications.

Forms for IntelliPrint can be easily designed for almost any kind of application, with full support for colour. Ricoh will assist you in creating and maintaining how the designs combine with print data, and how the originals and copies are printed. Forms can be updated quickly and easily. For further flexibility, the printing process can be automated, detecting specific events or ‘triggers’ providing forms overlay when required without user intervention.


Use your Ricoh laser printer for true barcode printing

IntelliBarcode can be embedded directly into most of Ricoh’s range of laser printers to provide true barcode printing simply and easily for a variety of uses such as mailings, packing slips, shipping documents and document management. Barcodes can be created from almost any application and no additional server components are required; everything is there in the one device.


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