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ESA ServerPrint™ is one of Ricoh’s versatile Embedded Software Architecture (ESA) solutions, designed to improve efficiency in your workflow. With the evolution of copiers and printers into networked multifunction input/output devices, office equipment is now an essential component of the communication framework.

In today’s hectic IT environment ensuring you are printing the latest version of a document can be difficult and time consuming, especially when there is more than one copy to contend with. Storing the information in one central location on the network and enabling users to easily print information, would be the perfect solution.

With Ricoh’s ESA ServerPrint™, controlling the printing of your document is now simpler than ever. Documents stored on a central web server can now easily be accessed directly from the operation panel of the Ricoh MFD in the same way as you would browse for a file on your computer.

ESA ServerPrint™ is ideal for distribution of student material, frequently used forms such as Quality Assurance information or reports.

The information can be stored on the server as PDF documents or as pre-finished documents. For example every set can automatically be printed, duplexed, stapled and hole punched.

ESA ServerPrint™ effectively turns your MFD into a local print room enabling easy retrieval and printing of your document at the touch of a button.

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