Ricoh lights up the Sydney skyline with first-of-its-kind eco billboard

Sydney eco billboard powered only by solar energy, part of global campaign.

Ricoh Co. Ltd, a specialist in office solutions, managed document services and production printing, today unveiled the 100 percent solar-powered eco billboard in Sydney.

The sign was officially switched on today by the Hon Brad Hazzard, MP Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Minister Assisting the Premier on Infrastructure NSW and Kazunori Azuma, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager of Global Marketing Group of Ricoh Co. Ltd., from Japan.

“Rather than merely using this billboard to promote our company name, Ricoh sees it as a way of communicating our environmental and sustainability values to a wide public audience. We wish to demonstrate by example Ricoh’s deep commitment to environmental conservation. Therefore the sign will not light up if there is insufficient power collected from the sunlight,” said Mr. Azuma.

“This launch is not simply about switching on a sign. Ricoh is making a statement about the need to develop new and better ways to minimise our environmental impact and we want to encourage environmental awareness at all levels of society,” he added.

In congratulating Ricoh on the launch of the eco billboard, Minister Hazzard said, “Ricoh is well known as a leader in technology innovation, with Sydney already being home to one of the company’s global Printing Innovation Centres. Now Ricoh is bringing renewable technology to the Sydney skyline, successfully marrying innovation and sustainability, with both business and the environment being the winners.”

Though this eco billboard appears to be something new in town, the initiative behind driven behind it - by Ricoh - is not. The Sydney sign is one of Ricoh’s three completely sustainable signboards in the world. The other two eco billboards are located in New York’s Times Square and in London.

In Sydney, Ricoh partnered with a local supplier to develop and install the first-of-its-kind eco-sign, which is positioned on three sides at the top of 132 Alfred Street, North Sydney, overlooking the Warringah Freeway, the gateway to Sydney over the Harbour Bridge.

The new technology is driven by 96 solar panels which generate power that is stored onto 48 batteries onsite, and act as the only source of power for the sign. When the batteries run out of power, the Ricoh sign will not light, nor will it ever use any power from the grid.

By using only solar power to run the sign, Ricoh is demonstrating its long-term commitment to contributing to a sustainable society by conserving the energy which is required to illuminate conventional electric signs and reducing carbon emissions.

Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific said, “Ricoh bears the brunt of developing innovative environmental technologies. Our commitment to sustainable management is reflected not only in this eco billboard but also in the products and services we offer to our customers."

“As a leading company – both in Australia and around the world – we have the capacity to use innovation to drive sustainability. More importantly, as a corporate citizen, it is our responsibility to do just that – be a leader in sustainability,” said Les Richardson, Managing Director of Ricoh Australia.

“We have a long-term commitment to fostering environmental awareness that resonates at all levels within our company, amongst every member of staff. We also take this approach with our customers, to help them adopt sustainable business models. Not only does this reduce emissions and environmental impact, but it also improves a business’ bottom line by offering less cost, waste and complexity,” added Mr. Richardson.
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