Ricoh's colour accuracy is a match for Griffin Press

Faced with the challenge of finding a digital production printer that would deliver the exceptional quality expected of a Griffin-printed book, Griffin Press looked to Ricoh and found an answer in their 90 pages-per-minute (ppm) colour production device.

Producing between 25 and 30 million books a year, Griffin Press is recognised as being the first book printer in Australia to offer an inline print and bind configuration for the manufacture of digitally printed books.

According to Ben Jolly, General Manager of Griffin Press, the company’s ability to better meet the demands of an increasingly global retail sector of printing, consumer expectations of shorter lead times and the need for increased flexibility, meant that they required a highly versatile production-rated digital printer.

“Over the past eight years, we’ve been investing in the business with speed to market as one of the key driving factors,” Jolly says. “With our incumbent printer approaching end-of-life, we went out to market to look for a printer that would allow us to take the next step in digital.”

After evaluating numerous potentially suitable offerings, Jolly recognised Ricoh, and their 90 pages-per-minute (ppm) colour production device with inline finishing options, as the only complete solution that met every single one of Griffin’s digital print production requirements.  “A few of the others offered some of the features we were looking for, but none ticked all the boxes like the Ricoh colour production device,” Jolly states.

Right from the start, the Ricoh colour production device took productivity in the Griffin Press digital facility to a new level, delivering significant production time savings by means of the printer’s reliability, high speed output, and very low operator intervention requirements.

“With the Ricoh colour production device, it really is a case of set and forget,” Jolly says. “With a huge paper capacity of up to 11,000 sheets, it’s breezing through the 240,000 prints we’re generating every month. And given we’re printing around the clock to meet customer and market demands, that level of performance is absolutely essential.”
According to Jolly, an immediate improvement in the standard of colour accuracy being achieved by the Ricoh colour production device is such that any differences between digitally and conventionally printed book covers are virtually non-existent.

Jolly states, “We’ve been able to take the ISO colour profiles, load them onto the colour production device and, with the in-built EFI Fiery Print Server and the printer’s high resolution output, achieve colour results that are every bit as good as if they’d been produced using offset printing techniques.

"We listened carefully to the specific needs of Griffin Press and proposed the right device, services and support to ensure the Ricoh offering precisely matched their requirements,” said Kathy Wilson, General Manager, Business Solutions & Production for Ricoh Australia. “With the addition of the Ricoh colour production device, their workflows are more streamlined and time-efficient than ever before.”

Having been involved in the printing industry for 22 years, Jolly is fully aware of the critical support role that needs to be played by equipment and solution providers; and he is quick to point out how the support from Ricoh has enabled Griffin to take the next step forward in digital.

“When it came to the installation, Ricoh specialists installed the colour production device and had it configured and on-line within only two days. It was a seamless transition, and one that ramped up our output quality and productivity levels almost immediately. From our perspective, this colour production device and ongoing support from Ricoh have been virtually faultless,” said Jolly.

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