Ricoh's HotSpot Printing opens doors in mobile printing


Ricoh Australia has announced the launch of its new line of HotSpot Printers, making it possible for users to print documents on the move, from any Wi-Fi enabled location easily and efficiently without the need to install any drivers or software.

The SP 4210N monochrome and SP C430DN colour HotSpot Printers ensure convenient access to reliable laser printing from Internet-enabled laptops, mobile phones or handheld devices without the need to download and install drivers or additional software. The two printers perform all daily network printing tasks for stationary employees while supporting the mobile needs of users travelling or located remotely. Now it is possible for users to print emails or attachments directly from their devices, whether its on an iPhone, Blackberry® or any other internet enabled mobile phone or lap top. The HotSpot Series Printers are business-class devices with small footprints, fast print speeds and the capability to produce high-quality documents, all at a low operating cost.

Printing with the HotSpot Printers can be done two different ways. Each printer has its own unique web page where mobile users can simply upload a file or web page URL, to be printed. Alternatively, emails can be forwarded from laptops or PDAs to the printer’s own email address. Using either method, the system automatically sends a reply message to the user with a secure release code that is entered on a keypad to release the printed documents. Ricoh’s HotSpot printing solution features security measures including data encryption during file processing and transmission, as well as password protection, to ensure that sensitive documents can only be printed by the appropriate users.

"This technology is simple, secure and in demand," commented Greg White, Solutions Product Manager for Ricoh Australia. "By leveraging cloud computing, users can print important documents regardless of their location and security is guaranteed, thanks to the intelligent file encryption and unique release code system. Industries such as airports, hotels and cafés will be able to benefit from offering this customer-focused solution." he added.

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