Message from the Managing Director

The future for Corporate Social Responsibility at Ricoh Australia is shaped by our need to meet and exceed the global target for minimising our environmental footprint and our commitment to play a role in supporting Australian communities in need. 

We realise that as we work through our programs, the bar for improvement will continue to be set higher and higher. This will mean that our current suite of programs will have to increase in breadth and depth, will have to be more efficient and effective, and incorporate a higher degree of innovation, education and staff & customer involvement.

Specifically over the next three years, we are working towards rolling out the EarthkeepersTM program nationally and seeking its adoption into a national curriculum. We also intend on increasing the reach of our machine recycling program to cover all metro areas around the country, and working with partners in search of commercially viable solutions for the reuse of refined, recycling material.

We also intend to embark upon more sophisticated and far reaching projects with like minded organisations such as the CSIRO to bring our collective resources to bear on some of the key challenges facing vulnerable Australian communities.

Finally, and most importantly, Ricoh will be closely examining the establishment of a national carbon trading scheme within Australia and globally, to understand our role in this market, and implement a sustainable program for ourselves and our customers to continue to balance Planet, People and Profits.

Les Richardson, Managing Director - Ricoh Australia

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