Green Vision

Ricoh’s environmental management policy is one of our highest corporate priorities and places us amongst the leaders in environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Our vision as a global organisation is to reduce our environmental footprint collectively to 1/8th of our year 2000 level by 2050.  This is the level that we have determined makes our organisation truly sustainable and strikes the correct balance in managing our responsibility to the environment, society and economic performance.  This is the essence of our ‘Planet, People, Profit’ philosophy.

To achieve this target, we are harnessing our expertise, capability and capacity for technical innovation and combining it with our human and financial resources to execute meaningful initiatives in support of this vision both globally as well as locally.

The breadth and depth of such initiatives were formally endorsed in 2001, when we were formally certified to the International Standard for Environmental Management (ISO 14001) for all our sites across Australia; the first organisation in our industry to do so.

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