Finance Express Home loans show big business how it's done

Finance Express Home Loans have realised strong savings in time, space and money since they implemented their Ricoh and Laserfiche document management solution.
The world of finance is, by its very nature, one of a seemingly endless stream of paper. Contracts, building permits, plans, general correspondence – they’re just a handful of the myriad of documents that are accumulated daily by the Albury-based business.

As a result, the company’s administration manager, Marg Bevis, found that maintaining a paper-based filing system had reached almost nightmarish proportions. For example, the task of simply locating a client file would take up to half-an-hour.

With their local Ricoh Business partner providing a combined Ricoh multifunction device (MFD) and Laserfiche solution, Finance Express are now experiencing improved speed locating, distributing and accessing files.

As a result, Finance Express is gaining more of one of business’ most critical commodities – time.

“Accessing the client file in Laserfiche and sending it through to the partner via email takes seconds; it really is quite impressive. Almost as soon as the partner has greeted our client and they’re sitting in an office, the entire file has been delivered in an email and is only a single click away,” said Bevis.

Where Finance Express offices and off-site storage were previously almost overflowing with filing cabinets and archive boxes, the Ricoh solution has provided much relief. Archived files, which can easily have anything up to 300 pages, are now being scanned on the Ricoh MFD and stored in Laserfiche within a matter of minutes.

“Ricoh’s Laserfiche document management solution can benefit organisations of all sizes, not just large enterprise. By providing a single-seat licence for this solution to Finance Express, we were able to provide an affordable fix to reducing the time and money spent, as well as reducing paper and CO2,” said Kathy Wilson, General Manager, Business Solutions & Production for Ricoh Australia.

“Finance Express is now facing a bright future full of increased business opportunities and customer satisfaction,” she concluded.

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