SP 311DNw


Main Features

Small, smart and energy-efficient, the SP 311DNw is designed to impress. Compact enough to fit unobtrusively on a desk, this innovative B/W A4 laser printer will astound you with their speed and efficiency. The device is easy to operate and simple to maintain. Its energy consumption is very low. And it incorporates a host of environmentally-responsible features such as Energy Saver mode and automatic duplex to lower your carbon footprint. In short, if you’re looking for a fast, compact, and energy-efficient black and white printer, you’ll find them in the SP 311DNw. Fast, compact monochrome printer with low energy consumption.
• Simple, full-front operation and easy maintenance
• Built-in network card
• PCL support & WiFi
• Short warm-up time and fast print speed
• Low running costs with energy-saving features


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