Providing improvements across the board


The Customer:  Southbank Institute of Technology

A field-leader in vocational and technical education, Brisbane-based Southbank Institute of Technology provides world-class teachers, facilities and industry partnerships to over 21,000 students from 90 countries.

Challenge: Improvements across the board

The Institute faced challenges and inefficiencies with the print and copy devices it used day-to-day, and was looking to explore the advantages of an on-site production print solution. This included the ability to gain greater accuracy in job costing, as well as improving security, flexibility and environmental performance across the board.

The solution: Ricoh’s Managed Document Services (MDS)

Ricoh proposed a comprehensive MDS solution, developed following an intensive on-site audit, interviews and workshops to develop a complete picture of current and predicted future print workflows, habits and requirements.
In following that methodology, Ricoh MDS project managers:

Ricoh MDS provides an end-to-end solution for customers, where Ricoh for manages a range of the Institute’s non-core services – including print production – that are measured against clearly deļ¬ned KPIs. This enables the Institute to focus on their core business while achieving cost savings, process improvements and increased efficiencies.

Ricoh’s integrated solution was developed to save the Institute time, money and complexity while improving environmental performance.

MDS: The Solution

MDS Approach



  • On-site audit of every print, copy, scan and fax device on campus
  • Interviews and workshops with stakeholders to understand current and predicted print workflows, habits and requirements


  • Consolidated fleet of Ricoh multifunction devices with greater functionality and reduced environmental impact
  • Introduction of a Green Print Centre to reduce turnaround time on large print jobs
  • Two full-time Ricoh staff on-site to maintain entire solution and man Green Print Centre
  • Ricoh customised print and device audit and monitoring solution to enforce print policy, improve security and assist in management of environmental impact 
  • Ricoh’s @Remote Intelligence Management Solution  monitors status of all feet devices at all times and provides monthly performance reports


  • Rollout of 80 devices completed in two weeks
  • Streamlined process included pre-configuring all devices before install
  • Comprehensive risk analysis plan developed that was used successfully during 2011 Brisbane floods
  • User guides, email communications and training provided for all users prior to rollout
  • The introduction of a web-to-print solution provides an automatic quoting system for bulk billing, streamlined job submission and approval and improved job turnaround time


Ultimately, Ricoh’s MDS solution is expected to save the Institute $3 million over five years, eliminate 250,000 pages of printing per month and cut print-related energy consumption. On the strength of that, and the fully managed, integrated nature of the solution, the Institute signed a 10-year MDS partnership agreement with Ricoh.

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