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The customer: Ricoh Finance

Operating as a division of Ricoh Australia, Ricoh Finance supports customers as well as various direct and indirest sales channels of the business. The finance provider required a document solution that would simplify document archiving while reducing wasted time, costs, complexity and CO2. After implementing a Laserfiche solution several years ago, the document archiving and retrieval system is adding increasing value and functionality.

The challenge: Mountains of paper

Following Ricoh Australia’s unprecedented growth, Ricoh Finance has also grown steadily, equating to a growing mountain of documents. With a single customer’s file easily containing hundreds of pages it offers Ricoh Finance the challenge of filing and accessing millions of pages of files.

The solution: Seamless access for staff, sales force and customers

The Solution

The Benefits


A Ricoh customised Laserfiche solution

  • Reads document barcodes to identify document type and indexing them with corresponding contract
  • Staff can locate and retrieve documents in seconds
  • Improved customers service through faster response times
  • Customisable Integration with variable data printing solution
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Mobile enabled interface for sales force

Since implementing their customised Laserfice solution, Ricoh Finance has seen improvements in document archiving and retrieval. With over 20 document types to contend with, the company’s Laserfiche implementation can identify a document type and contract number using barcodes. The common function of answering customer queries can be done simply: upon entering a contract number, documents can be retrieved and emailed as an attachment in less than a minute. Correspondence to customers has also been streamlined with the solution being set up to automatically generate variable data based correspondence. Finally, Ricoh’s sales force are now able to access information from Laserfiche through a customer-facing mobile-enabled website, adding greater functionality and improved customer service.

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