InfoPrint 4100


Main Features

Max Print Speed1







Linear ft/m per minute







(Low speed switch)














8.5" x 11"

247 ipm

494 ipm

395 ipm

790 ipm

466 ipm

932 ipm








8.5" x 11"

381 ipm

762 ipm

610 ipm

1,220 ipm

720 ipm

1440 ipm








6" x 9"

700 ipm

1,400 ipm

1,119 ipm

2,238 ipm

1,320 ipm

2,640 ipm

1-up A4

253 ipm

506 ipm

406 ipm

812 ipm

478 ipm

956 ipm

2-up A4

359 ipm

718 ipm

574 ipm

1,148 ipm

677 ipm

1,354 ipm

3-up A5

761 ipm

1,522 ipm

1,218 ipm

2,436 ipm

1,437 ipm

2,874 ipm

Paper Capacities

Input: Up to 16" (408 mm) stack of boxed paper

Output: Up to 14" (356 mm) stack of paper; or up to 6" stack height with 14" long form. Pre-and Post-processing Interfaces allow additional capabilities and are required for pinless printing; Internal stacker support is available for pinfed paper

Paper width

Pinfed: 8.3" to 19.5" (210 mm to 495 mm)

Pinless: 8" to 19.5" (203 mm to 495 mm

Print width

Pinfed: 18.5" (469 mm)

Pinless: 19" (482 mm)

Paper length

Internal stacker: 7" to 14" (178 mm to 356 mm)

Signature Page feature: 3" to 54" (76.2 mm to 1371 mm) for pinfed and pinless

Paper weight

TS1, TD1/2: 16 lbs to 42 lbs (60 gsm to 160 gsm)3

TS2, TD3/4: 16 lbs to 54 lbs (60 gsm to 203 gsm)3

TS3, TD5/6: 16 lbs. to 54 lbs. (60 gsm to 203 gsm)

Reference Forms Design Guide for detailed specifications; Paper weight support varies depending on the configuration (simplex or duplex), paper path (pinfed or pinless) and speed

Paper type

Pinfed and pinless: preprinted, plain, boxed fanfold forms and roll-fed paper

System Attachments

ESCON® Channel, FICON Channel, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet

AFP™ Software Support

PSF for z/OS®, InfoPrint Manager for AIX®, InfoPrint Manager for Windows®, InfoPrint ProcessDirector™ for Linux®, InfoPrint Process Director for AIX, InfoPrint Productivity Tracker V2.12

Standard Features

InfoPrint POWER Controller and Operator Panel, operator-switchable resolution (480 dpi or 600 dpi) and paper path (pinfed and pinless), impositioning support, 256-level grayscale simulation, SNMP support, Pre- and Postprocessing Interfaces, flat-panel touch-screen GUI, keyboard and mouse, Ethernet attachment


Image Enhancement, AFP Color Emulation, Commercial Print feature, Productivity Tracking feature.2 Forms Identification, Signature Page, additional or advanced Pre- and Postprocessing Interfaces, UP3i interfaces second attachment, performance upgrade, additional Customer Changeable Developer, internal stacker

Physical Characteristics (per engine)

104" x 39" x 61" (2,642 mm x 991 mm x 1,550 mm) (W x D x H); 2,226 lb/1,012 kg (weight TD1, TD3, TD5); 2,356 lb/1,071 kg (weight TS1, TS2, HS3, TD2, TD4, TD6)

Power Requirements

208/220/230/240 V ac/60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire; 380/400/415 V ac/50 Hz, 3-phase, 5-wire; 200/220 V ac/50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire. Voltage determined by country standards. Models TS1, TS2, HS3, TD1/2, TD3/4, and TD5/6 also require a 200 V ac to 240 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 10 amp power source for the controller module

Power Consumption5 (per engine)


Ready mode

Printing with 20 lb paper

TS1, TD1/2

60 Hz/50 Hz

3.0 kVA

10.5 kVA

TS2, TD3/4

60 Hz/50 Hz

3.0 kVA

12/12.5 kVA

TS3, TD5/6

60 Hz/50 Hz

3.7 kVA

15.5 kVA

Environmental Conditions


Optimal Ranges

Temperature: 65°F up to 75°F (18°C up to 24°C); Relative Humidity: 40% up to 60%

Permitted Ranges

Reference appropriate Planning and Configuration Guide for detailed specifications


50/60 Hz – 65 db (operating) or 58 db (idle)

  1. Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state.
  2. Productivity Tracker V2.1 (5639-AA9) is required for the Productivity Tracking feature (#4565).
  3. 12 lbs to 16 lbs (45 gsm to 60 gsm) paper weight support is subject to our preapproval, depending on paper quality, application and desired running speed. Contact your sales representative to submit forms for preapproval.
  4. Some optional features are only available on certain models. Please contact your sales representative for details.
  5. Engine only. Control units and air bearing buffer flippers require additional 2.2 kVA to 2.7 kVA, depending on configuration. Complete specifications can be found in the Planning and Configuration Guide.
  6. The terms "pinfed" and "pinless" may be used interchangeably with "tractored" and "tractorless" throughout several of our documents.

Standard warranty in most countries is three months onsite, 24x7. Warranty periods may vary by country.

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