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What I find special about Ricoh


Brisbane Service Manager

Date I started with Ricoh:


My First Role with Ricoh:

Field Service Technician

The roles I’ve had since:

Service Supervisor

I am responsible for:

My role is the management and guidance of the Brisbane service team with all the aspects that are associated along with it.  Another major part of the role is to be a service liaison with our Queensland and Northern Territory dealer network.

I joined Ricoh because:

I had previously has an association with Ricoh from another company. I had friends that worked there and suggested that i get on board so to speak, as it was a great place to work.

The things I enjoy most about my job is………

I enjoy being able to help my team achieve both the company’s and their own goals. Whether it be simple or complex tasks it very gratifying to see people perform at their best, it give them a good feeling of satisfaction. ___

What keeps me at Ricoh is……….

The people. The staffs at Ricoh are great and you can always have laugh and still get the job done.

One of my greatest moments has been………

The 2011 floods in Brisbane. After the branch flooded it was great to be able to pull all the staff in the branch together to work as a team with clean up and still provide a high level of service to our clients.

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